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Based in Michigan and Washington

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28 May 2022 - 30 July, 2022



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The Mangotronics Employment Collection is an anthology of 9 short games in different genres that deal with the drudgery of holding a menial job, being a cog in the system, and searching for work. Wrapped up into a single custom-built launcher, the games by 7 developers from around the globe present the player with both comedic and terrifying situations during the daily grind. It's a tongue-in-cheek nod to all creatives, especially in the games industry, who had to take a soul-draining job for basic subsistence.


The Collection started as an idea to bring various indie devs together and highlight their games in one launcher, giving them a chance to be in front of a new audience after their original launch on other platforms.

We wanted to give devs a reason to continue their goal of development unhindered by the shackles of corporate influence and foster an environment with a tongue-in-cheek look at what kind of emotions and ludonarratives games about jobs can evoke and experiment with.

The Mangotronics Employment Collection isn't just a wrapper for 9 games based on jobs and job searching, but an attempt to bring some ultra-indie games on the fringes of gaming closer to the mainstream; where they might be able to emulate a shred of the original experiences that from computing's past- demo discs, shareware CDs, and monthly enthusiast groups mailing out 5 inch floppies with games created by devs with sheer passion and willpower to experiment with the medium.

Where the current indie gaming landscape is cluttered with hundreds to thousands of games released every month if not week, we want to give people the ability to have something pre-curated in their library, with multiple short games based on a common theme that we've all experienced, and be able to fund the future of game development by similar enthusiast groups.


  • 9 games in 1 hand-made soulless business software-themed launcher. The launcher for the collection was built
  • Multiple Genres: The games included in the collection range from Physics Platformer, to Visual Novel, to Retro Arcade game, and more.
  • Linux Compatibility: The Collection was tested on Linux (Xubuntu) for compatibility with WINE (also runs through Steam with Proton enabled).
  • Free-range and Fair labor: All profits are split evenly and go directly back to supporting 7 different indie devs.
  • Free Content Updates: More games will be added later as free content updates.
  • Arbitrary achievements!
  • Supports your local indie developers!


Trailer YouTube, Vimeo


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (12MB)

download logo files as .zip (3MB)

Selected Articles

  • "The Employment Collection here looks like a great, fun little themed ultra-indie bundle that taps right into my aesthetic."
    - Matt S., Digitally Downloaded
  • "a lovely clutch of varied experiences, capturing intense work requirements, silly office fights, dangerous environments, and some inspiring stories about careers."
    - Joel Coture, IndieGamesPlus

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