Our Projects

More projects coming soon!

About us

Mangotronics is a boutique publisher and consultancy for indie games that offers a variety of services to help your game succeed out there in the wild and get into the hands of your fans.

 The Team

name: slimehunter

role: big boss

name: Elf

role: artsperson

Developer Services


Publishing Services

We offer the following services to developers

  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Porting to other platforms
  • Marketing and PR
  • Distribution and storefront management

...and more!



NO up-front costs!

We want you to focus on your game and not taxes and business management.

Our revenue share model is super flexible and negotiable.

Plus you keep ownership over your IPs, and licensing.

What is the Mangotronics Collection Launcher?

The Mangotronics Collection Launcher is a custom-built wrapper for multiple games and file types.

It was built with the original intent to curate a small (5-10) selection of games and present them in an easily digestable way.

What else can it do?

It can run execulable binaries, open text files, PDFs, web pages (and local HTML files), and more.

I plan to add support for emulators and Android (apk) file installation soon.

Wait that's all? It doesn't even-

I'm glad you asked! The app currently runs on desktop (tested on both Windows and Proton/WINE),

and is being ported to mobile and console in the near term.

It also has support for mouse-only, keyboard-only, and Xbox controller navigation.